Thatcher CX7 project

What is the Thatcher CX7?

Dave Thatcher is a retired aircraft mechanic who always wanted to design and build his own plane. I can empathize. After he retired he decided to follow his dream and built the first CX4. A single seat, VW powered, all aluminum airplane. While similar planes already existed, he designed exactly the style of plane that he wanted. It was so popular when he took it to Osh Kosh and so many people asked for plans that he went into business producing plans. Since then he designed the two seat tandom CX5 (released in 2013) and now the two seat side by side CX7 (released in 2020).

Why build a Thatcher?

I’ve been trying to decide which plane I’d like to build for about a year. There is no one perfect airplane (Though I probably wouldn’t have much to complain about with a Vans RV10). One of my dreams since I was very young was to design and build my own airplane from scratch. I’ve been doing this with model airplanes for as long as I can remember. I remember at a very young age getting a control line Cox Comanche toy and I would play with it in the yard for hours, pretending I was at the controls flying through the air. The first GA (general aviation) aircraft I flew in was a Piper Cherokee. I’ve always had a love for low wing aircraft. Other planes I’ve considered were the Hummel H5, Vans RV12, RV9 and RV14. I would really like to capability for long cross country flying. While the limited fuel capacity of the CX7 will make for more stops than the RV9 or 14, I believe the clean and efficient design and an efficient engine will allow the CX7 to be a great cross country machine.

My control line model looked like this, though I don’t remember it being green.


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