Stratos Card mobile app

I lead the design of the Stratos Card smart payment mobile wallet experience. What does that actually mean? A startup in Ann Arbor built a Bluetooth-connected payment card called Stratos Card and it need an iOS+Android mobile app to connect to. The app would allow you to scan in all your payment cards and transfer them over to one card (The Stratos Card).

Silo 3D modeling software UI

Silo is a 3D modeling program that I have designed several user interfaces for over the years. In the Silo world we call these user interfaces “button pages” because you’re basically organizing buttons on user control pages.

This is one of my earliest Silo UI designs from around 2006. This is a UI for Silo 2.

Early designs

Here is some interesting design for a computer design class in college I did in 1998. This interactive UI was created using Macromedia Director. During this project when I was rendering the page navigator in the bottom right corner of the screen I discovered oversampling. What I found was that if a UI element was 300×300 pixels on screen, if I rendered it out of Infini-D at 600×600 pixels and scaled it down in Photoshop the result would be much cleaner and crisper than if I had simply rendered it straight out at 300×300 pixels.

Here you can see how I created an animated video selector. When you clicked one of the videos, the play button would slide to that video. I added a motion blur in Photoshop and animated the selector moving in Macromedia Director. The selected video would become 100% opacity and the de-selected video would fade out slightly.