3D Printing & scanning


How to get started in 3D printing

I own a Creality CR-10. When I was in the hospital waiting for my second son to be born I was browsing Deal News and saw a special on a 3D printer. It was called the CR-10 and it was on sale at Gearbest for $360. I’ve been telling myself for years as soon as 3D Printers fell below $1000 I’d buy one. Then I told myself as soon as they fell below $500 I would get one. I always had an excuse. I quickly checked the YouTube reviews and learned that the CR-10 was an amazing printer. I asked my wife if I could get one and she said do it!

One of the biggest issues with 3D printers is they require a lot of maintenance and skill to keep them running well. They’re really finicky machines.

A few days later, home with a new baby, arrives my CR-10 on the front porch. I put it together in about 10 minutes. I started to do some printing but my prints had a lot of artifacts. It wasn’t until a few months later after my brother had gotten a CR-10 and came over and helped me tighten up all my belts did I start getting perfect prints and I really got excited about 3D printing.