PVC ceiling light fixtures

When I worked at Duo, our offices got remodeled and we had these black light fixtures installed that looked really simple and nice. You can buy them on Amazon but they cost around $60 per fixture and I need 6 of them for our sump pump room maker space. I decided to try and make my own using PVC pipe.


  • $5 – 1/2″ PVC 2 x 10′ pieces
  • PVC Ts
  • $20 – Light sockets 2 x 8 pieces from Amazon
  • $20 – Lamp cables with switches from Amazon
  • $70 – 12x GE 60w LED dimmable bulbs after tax


  • Flat black spay paint
  • 3D printer and PLA plastic
  • 3/8″ drill bit and vice to drill out Ts
  • PVC glue or superglue
  • 1.5″ drywall screws or other screws
  • Your time
Light socket and cable.
3D printing these brackets in black PLA to attach fixture arm to floor joists.
1/2 of mounting bracket design. Use black drywall screws to attach to joists.
Light socket to 1/2″ PVC adapter. Two per light.