WordPress tips

In the WordPress world you have two main content objects, a Post and a Page. The other parts are the control panel (where you manage your WordPress) and themes.

What is a post?

Think of a post as something that does not have a permanent or static position on your website. It’s transitory, like a blog post in a stream that flows backward.

What is a page?

Think of a page as a static location with information on your website, like an “About me” page or a “Contact me” page. Generally a page will live in a static navigation menu or tabs on your site somewhere. But really you can organize pages however you like.

What is a theme?

Themes are a collection of files that you install into WordPress that style your website. Luckily for us you can install many themes directly and easily in the WordPress control panel with one click. And even if you need to upload a theme from a third party it’s still easy. Generally you can download one file from the web (.zip) and upload that one file into your control panel and WordPress does the rest!

Some themes are free, some cost money and some have a free version with extra features that cost money.

Some places to get themes

Setup tips

  • When prompted for a WordPress directory, make it something different than /wp. Make it something like /site or /blog or something that looks nice in your URL.
  • Make sure you don’t leave the admin login set to admin/pass. Change it to something like a passphrase.
  • If you don’t want comments on your posts, turn them off under Settings and Discussion.

Remove the “Powered by” at the bottom of your theme.

It’s nice to give credit to theme authors but it’s pretty easy to remove the “Powered by” if you want.

  1. Log in to cPanel
  2. Click “File Manager”
  3. Open “public_html”
  4. Open the directory where you installed WordPress
  5. Open “wp-content”
  6. Open “themes”
  7. Open the folder for the theme you are using
  8. Right click on “footer.php” and select “Edit”, then click “Edit”
  9. Simply look for the text you would like to remove and click “Save Changes”