The plans arrive

My CX7 plans arrived May 9, 2020 (Friday).

On the wing spar webs, you join two pieces of 0.040” sheet together in the middle. I assume this is because this sheet only comes in 48×48” sheets from Aircraft Spruce, but I can get it from a local supplier in 4×12’ sheets for about $200 or Wicks for $160 (not including shipping). David Thatcher lists 3x 4×4’ sheets in the components list which would cost about $170 from Aircraft Spruce not counting shipping. Since I can pick this up locally for free in Toledo I’m going to just get a large sheet. I’ll have extra. Maybe I can sell the leftover to another CX7 or CX5 builder.

I began modeling the center section spar in Solidworks. I began cataloging the entire components list provided by David Thatcher. I’m using Google sheets and I am adding notes for items that I don’t need right away and things I want to get right away. If I make a trip to Wicks (about a 7 hour drive one way) I want to buy as much as I can. I totalled up all the sheet metal and other things I need right away and it’s about $4000.

The alternating spar rivets are 5/32” (.15625”) diameter on the shank, 7/16” from edge of angle

The vertical angle pieces (rib connectors) on the spar are 6.8750” tall, the spar is 7.5” tall, so there is 0.625” divided by 2 margin on the top and bottom.