Thatcher CX7 Canopy

This is the best image I could find on the Internet of an un-trimmed, or what I believe to be an un-trimmed RV6/7/9 bubble.

I did some Googling to find images of the RV canopy that I need for the Thatcher build. Vans told me that the RV 6, 7 and 9 all share the same “bubble” or acrylic windshield. This is helpful because if you are able to find a canopy that someone is selling for some reason then there’s a higher possibility of finding one. Some RVs have sliding canopies and some have flip forward/up canopies. Vans told me that no matter the style the bubble is the same, so it’s up to the builder to order the correct frame and cut their bubble to fit.

The construction manual for the CX7 lists the RV12 canopy as the one to order, but I confirmed with Dave that the RV6 is the correct one.