Early designs

Here is some interesting design for a computer design class in college I did in 1998. This interactive UI was created using Macromedia Director. During this project when I was rendering the page navigator in the bottom right corner of the screen I discovered oversampling. What I found was that if a UI element was 300×300 pixels on screen, if I rendered it out of Infini-D at 600×600 pixels and scaled it down in Photoshop the result would be much cleaner and crisper than if I had simply rendered it straight out at 300×300 pixels.

Here you can see how I created an animated video selector. When you clicked one of the videos, the play button would slide to that video. I added a motion blur in Photoshop and animated the selector moving in Macromedia Director. The selected video would become 100% opacity and the de-selected video would fade out slightly.